Dr. Calvin A. Kelly is a Licensed Psychologist and Mental Health Professional in Austin, Texas.  He has over 25- years of teaching experience in the fields of Psychology and Counseling courses both at the undergraduate and graduate level, and twenty-seven (27) years of experience in private practice as a psychologist and Certified Trauma Expert.  As a clinician, student affairs professional, and educator, Dr. Kelly has had the opportunity to practice and refine his leadership skills and style.  His style of leadership is based on the Servant Leadership Model.  He has also been afforded the opportunity to present on a variety of topics nationally that are related to his area of expertise and interests in mental health.

Dr. Kelly’s areas of interest and expertise include, but are not limited to; trauma and post-traumatic stress-related issues; Racial Identity Development; men and depression; secondary trauma; holistic wellness; organizational development and leadership; and team building.

Dr. Kelly feels strongly that it is his belief in family and close spiritual connection to a higher power that keeps him grounded and focused.