Photo of Emeka sitting on a stool wearing black scrubs.
Emeka Aludogbu

VP of Health | Education

Photo of Melaijah smiling sitting on a bench in front of a tree.
Melaijah Armstrong
Photo of Edward Burger smiling while standing in front of a bookshelf.
Dr. Edward Burger

President and CEO of the St. David's Foundation

Photo of Allisiana Davis wearing a black shirt.
Allisiana Davis

Music Producer

Photo of Lizsmiling wearing a blue jacket with white shirt.
Liz Garcia
Carshandra smiling wearing a pink jacket with white shirt.
Carshandra Hollins

Professional Educator | Event Planner

Photo of Alvin Johnson smiling wearing a black shirt.
Alvin Johnson

Real Estate Mogul

Photo of Tifani smiling while sitting on a bench in front of a tree wearing a red shirt.
Tifani Peguero

Youth Developer

Headshot of Zohaib
Youth Developer

Progressive Leader in Austin District 9

Photo of Jarell smiling wearing a gray hat and jacket with a pink shirt and bowtie.
Jarell H Rochelle

Motivational Speaker | Xpressive Dance Movement Artist

Headshot of Reggie
Reginald Smith

Policy & Community Liaison

Photo of Jasmine standing in front of a tree wearing a white shirt and smiling.
Jasmine Whittaker

Co-founder of The Whittaker Foundation