Linda Simthong, also known as “LinSun”, embodies S.O.U.L (Sacred Outreach Uplifting Love/Lineage/Legacy) and is guided by her Ancestors’ Love.  Her Lao father and Thai Isan mother escaped their war-torn countries and left everything and everyone due to the United States’ military bombing occupation, after 2 million tons of bombs and unexploded ordnances were dropped on her father’s country.  Two million tons of bombs and unexploded ordinances are still blowing up over Laos today, killing innocent people who are experiencing the aftermaths of war.  After learning about her own history much later in life, LinSun is committed to remembering where her roots are from, and the responsibility she has in making this world a better place; while also reminding others of their personal Power and abilities to create collective change.

After her parents came to the United States, LinSun’s great-grandmother’s spirit visited LinSun’s mother’s dream saying, “I’ve been searching for you. I crossed the waters to find you.”  At this moment, her mother knew great grandmother would reincarnate in the form of a child.  Soon after, baby LinSun bears the same body markings and resemblance of her maternal great grandmother, who was a Spiritual Medicine Woman in her Thai village.  LinSun developed her healing skills naturally and consistently seeks further training and partnerships to support the children and the people of the Southeast Asian Diaspora and beyond.  Intersectionality and cross-cultural collaborations are at the heart of community building and living on the Earth as one. 

LinSun is a certified Jai Coach and the founder of School of Jai, a grassroots movement dedicated to fortifying the Jai, mind, body, and spirit.  School of Jai hosts annual Summer youth camps, cookouts, workshops, fundraisers, open Jai mics, as well as a myriad of intentional healing/creative/community spaces, events, and offerings.   She holds Sacred Space for her community by inviting self-reflection, healing, creative expression, remembrance, experiential learning, access, opportunities to heal intergenerational trauma, and empower the imagination of possibility.  LinSun is working on her first book in dedication to her mother’s love, joy, and legacy; and enjoys nature, meditating, poetry, storytelling, dancing, and traveling the world. 

Her Jai messages to you:

“Stay committed to your visions, align actions with your Jai, and never ever forget your Power!”