Youth Summit 2021 Daily Schedule


Monday, June 28th

 9:40 AM       Check-in and roll call
10:00 AM      Senator Royce West Welcome + Expectations
10:30 AM      Icebreakers
10:45 AM      Break
11:00 AM      Keynote: Mayor Pro Tem Natasha Harper Madison
12:00 PM     Lunch
1:00 PM       Tory Gant – Goal Setting Activity
1:30 PM       Breakout Sessions:

YAC Representatives | Getting to Know You

General Youth Participants | Getting to Know You

General Youth Participants | Getting to Know You

Coordinators | Getting to Know You

2:15 PM   Break
2:30 PM  Breakout Sessions:

Somprathana Akeela Kongdara | Educational Empowerment

Gloria Mayestas | Healthy Mental and Identity Development

Zachary Andrews  | Better Ourselves

Dr. Anthony Brown | Educational Empoewerment

3:15 PM     Closing Activity
3:30 PM    Daily wrap up and reflection
3:45 PM     End of Day One

Day 2: ENGAGE!

Tuesday, June 29th

 9:45 AM      Check-in and roll call
10:00 AM    Mask Decorating Activity
10:30 AM    Icebreakers
10:45 AM    Break
11:00 AM    Keynote – Tim Hernandez
12:00 PM    Lunch
 1:00 PM     Osay Eniya – Motivational Speaking Activity
 1:30 PM     Breakout Sessions:

Ruben Cantu | Powershifts in a Pandemic: How Your Voice Transforms the World

Dr. Calvin Kelly | “I Can’t Believe You Said That:” How Words Can Impact a Student’s Mental Health Wellbeing. 

Bill Stubblefield | Hope & Encouragement

Dr. Devin Walker | Get Global

2:15 PM      Break
2:30 PM     Breakout Sessions:

Alicia Moreno | Identify Awareness

Lynn BoswellRaising Your Voice from Campus to the Capital

Ian LevyMentaln Health

Bavu Blakes  | Facilitating Youth Leadership

3:15 PM      Closing Activity
3:30 PM     Daily wrap-up and reflection
3:45 PM     End of Day Two


Wednesday, June 30th

 9:45 AM     Check-in and roll call
10:00 AM   Kate Laviolette – Yoga & Meditation Activity
10:30 AM    Icebreakers
10:45 AM    Break
11:00 AM    Virtual Day of Service Activity
12:00 PM    Lunch
 1:00 PM     Kemi Yemi-Ese – Shapeshifting Activity 
 1:30 PM     Breakout Sessions:

Linda Simthong | Hope & Encouragement

Danielle Williams | The Beauty in the Pain of Processing

Quincy Dunlap | Anti Racism / Activist Work

Dr. Nino Rodriguez | Unmasking Their Potential: Programming to Liberate Our Youth

2:15 PM     Break
2:30 PM     Breakout Sessions:

Danielle Willis | How Do We Break the Cycle of Mental Health and Addictions Stigma and Isolation?

Sam Davis | Identity Molecules

Tory Gant | Populating Hope

Samantha Xiong | Intersectionality

3:15 PM     Closing Activity
3:30 PM    Daily wrap up and reflection
3:45 PM    End of Day Three


Thursday, July 1st

 9:45 AM      Check-in and roll call
10:00 AM    Film Festival: Town Hall Projects
11:45 AM     Town Hall Discussion
12:00 PM    Town Hall Share Out
12:15 PM     Lunch
 1:15 PM       UT Survey & Closing Ceremony 
 1:30 PM      Sheree Coleman – Zumba Celebration 
 3:00 PM     End of Day Four